Art and Culture from Tivoli to Subiaco

Tivoli is a small jewel in the Lazio region, perfect for those living in Rome and looking for an escape close by or wanting to discover a bit of its history or maybe also enjoy a special Sunday dinner… Subiaco and the enchanted valley, cradle of nature and spirituality, where exceptional beauty awaits. Here are our proposals to fully enjoy the art and culture from Tivoli to Subiaco: tours and routes perfect for those seeking a weekend of culture and nature. Still not convinced? Let us persuade you. Tivoli is located just 24 km away from Rome. In Tivoli you can find 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este. Furthermore, in Subiaco you find landscapes dotted with hills and mountains to travel along and enjoy fully. Tivoli and Subiaco: seeing it is believing!

The City of Tivoli


Do you know how Virgil called Tivoli in the seventh book of poems of the Aeneid? Or how are the inhabitants of Tivoli called? No, they are not the Tivolesi Or the Tivoliani… discover many fun facts, discover Tivoli… And fall in love with the city.

Villa d’Este


Fountains and gardens known worldwide for their beauty. With one glance you will understand why Villa d’Este is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Villa Adriana


Adrian fell in love with this location and wanted his summer residence to be built here. This is how a unique monument was born. What exactly awaits you? 120 hectares of parks, water fountains and buildings, theatres and thermals baths.

Villa Gregoriana


Non simply a villa, but a nature park in the heart of Tivoli, filled by silence, waterfalls and caves. Breath-taking landscapes and paths meandering ancient Roman ruins… This unique fusion between nature and art will leave you flabbergasted!

San Benedetto Monastery


A man that turned a cave in a mountain into his place of prayer. This is the beginning of Saint Benedict and the Monastery of the Sacro Speco: a destination not to be missed by art and history lovers!

Monastery of Saint Scholastica


It is the oldest Benedictine monastery in the world. Centuries of history within its walls and cloisters await you. Let yourself be immersed in the timeless atmosphere of the Monastery of Saint Scolastica.

Come and discover the wonders of Tivoli and Subiaco!

Sports and excursions in the Tivoli Area

Tivoli is not only a cultural destination. We are a beautiful region, rich in natural beauty. Inside of the Park of Mount Simbruini, more specifically in Subiaco, we have a partnership with the Associazione Vivere l’Aniene, a sport club imbued of passion and professionalism which practises 13 different sports. You can plan with them your trekking and Nordic walking routes, your holiday by bike or your rafting adventure. Come winter, mount Livata is the perfect destination for a day full of downhill or cross-country skiing. You can also enjoy activities such as horseback riding, recreational fishing and free climbing.

Trekking in Subiaco


From the amateur leisure walk across the hills of Tivoli to the 2000 metre tour up mount Cotento. The silence and magnificent nature of the park of mount Simbruini await you!

Rafting in the Aniene


An experience for the whole family through the clean and fast waters of river Aniene. The association “Vivere l’Aniene” will guide you in a rafting adventure: put on the wetsuit, grab a hold of the paddle and… off you go!

Nordic Walking


Grab the walking sticks and head into the woods surrounding Tivoli accompanied by many of the Nordic walking fans that come to visit us each year! And obviously… with snowshoes in winter!



A full immersion in nature… underground! Admire the wonders of the karstic caves of the Simbruini mountains, full of stalactites, stalagmites and underground lakes. Darkness and silence will be your guides in this spectacular journey.

Sport Climbing


Forget about indoor training and test yourself with real rock walls. In the park of mount Simbruini, and thanks to several local climbing clubs, you can enjoy a unique experience: get the ropes ready!

Skiing in Mount Livata


Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, winter Nordic walking, chairlifts: Mount Livata awaits you to enjoy a fun day on the snow! Just one hour away from Rome… incredible but true!

Nature awaits… and Hotel Green Park Madama is waiting to host you!

Restaurants and typical products of Tivoli

Tivoli is not only a cultural destination. In Tivoli you can surely eat and drink well, actually much more than just well. Tivoli offers excellent typical products, to take back home or to enjoy at our table every day. Oil, wine, meat, wheat, cereals… Tivoli’s strong point has always been agriculture and farming. Thanks to a mild climate and the proximity of the Aniene river, the farming lands of Tivoli and all the hilly region of the Tiburtini mountains in Lazio offer us a wide range of regional products. Even today, it is the small farmers and the small to medium sized, family-run enterprises the ones that represent the economy of the town.

We, at Green Park Madama, have an objective: to discover with you all the wonderful typical products of Tivoli one by one. Let us begin!


Tivoli and its surroundings are known worldwide for their oil: the Sabina oil PDO! Golden in colour with hints of green… fruity smell and velvety taste… recognised by all. A concentrated flavour obtained from the pressing of different types of olives: Carbonella, Leccino, Raja, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Olivastrone, Salviana, Olivago and Rosciola. It is the perfect condiment, both healthy and balanced. Try it with warm bread or a legume soup! There are uncountable producers of the Sabina PDO oil in the Tivoli area: the Colfiorito Estate produces a great oil, 100% organic… and, for those willing to taste flavoured oils, direct your steps towards the Tio Pepe’s Farm!


The hills of Tivoli are dotted with line upon line of vineyards: a wonderful image for the eye and a unique taste for the palate! The wines of the Tivoli region are well-known across Italy: the Cesanese PDO, a perfect red wine to enjoy with a dish of local dried meats and Roman pecorino… and the Frascati CDO, a white wine with a smooth and delicate taste, ideal to accompany any meal… Get in contact with us at Hotel Green Park Madama and we will organise a wine-tasting event for you in the Colfiorito Estate, to truly imbue yourself with the style of the region. A simple, cosy and warm reality. In other words: a pleasure of the senses.

Ristaurants and Trattorias

In the narrow streets of the city and the green hills surrounding Tivoli hide many venues that are absolutely worth trying: restaurants, trattorias, inns… all united by the quality of the products used and the atmosphere they create. Because, to eat outside under a pergola of vines and to admire the archaeological remains of Roman temples, or to arrange a romantic dinner overlooking the Gregorian Caves are all experiences that calm body and spirit. We, at Green Park Madama, want our guests to try the best of Tivoli and our region! So then… buon appetito!

Eating in Tivoli is an experience not to be missed!

Wellness and baths in Tivoli

Food, culture, nature… let’s add another treat to make your weekend in Tivoli even more tempting: the baths!

Let us know how you would like to organise your trip to the baths… at Green Park Madama we can help you create your perfect package.

History of Tivoli’s baths:

The ancient Romans seized an opportunity when they saw one… maybe this is why, since the time of Emperor Augustus, increasingly articulated bath complexes were built around the springs of sulphurous waters of Tivoli. From the imperial baths to the latest restructuring of the Terme di Roma, Tivoli offers you a unique opportunity: spa and wellness treatments, peace of mind… all in one place… enjoy!

The Acque Albule

The benefits of the Acque Albule, sulphurous waters of milky colour that flow at a temperature of 23 degrees, are known since ancient times. But it is from the late 19th century that Tivoli devoted an entire facility to this spring so that as many people as possible could enjoy the health benefits that these sulphurous waters bring. Today, the baths of Tivoli, renamed Terme di Roma, welcome every year thousands of people from all over Europe.

Beauty and Relaxation

Tivoli’s thermal baths are not just synonymous with spa treatments. Thermal pools, sauna, hamam, whirlpools… and so much more! A refreshment for body and soul, a parenthesis of well-being for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones during winter or summer, where adults and children can enjoy whole days lying on the edge of the five thermal pools, or enjoying a couple’s bath. An absolute must!

The baths of Tivoli.. and experience you don’t want to miss!

Shopping and outlet stores in Rome and Tivoli

Hotel Green Park Madama: the starting point for your shopping spree in Lazio! Let us learn more…

Shopping centre RomaEst


A few kilometres from Hotel Green Park Madama… you are in for a pleasant interlude of shopping and fun: shop around at the Apple Retail Store, or enjoy the premiers at the cinema!

Valmontone Outlet Village


A walk outdoors window-shopping in more than 170 shops… with discounts between 30 and 70%. Kiko, Benetton, Desigual… the most famous brands and stores are at your feet!

Castelromano Shopping Village


More than 140 international brands, from Valentino and Calvin Klein… to Nike and La Perla. An incredible journey with amazing discounts!

Shopping in Rome


Fashion changes… but historic shopping stores in Rome remain! From gastronomy to clothing, there are some venues you cannot miss during your stay in Rome: discover them now.

Tivoli and Roma… trigger your shopping desire!

Activities for kids and teens in Tivoli and Rome

A family vacation is a wonderful experience… but also tiring! Make your children happy and organise an activity, a day trip or an experience tailored just to them. Tivoli and its nature will be your most worthy allies: horseback riding, guided tours, workshops and farms with exploratory walks in the woods, parks… Another dimension, where losing oneself and living first-hand emotions that the children of today too often do not enjoy… And then of course, Rome with its myriad of attractions for kids… and the unfailing amusement park: Rainbow MagicLand!

Calls us, we will be more than glad to organise the perfect activity for your family! Here’s just a taste of the activities we propose at Green Park Madama…

Educational Farms


Among the first words of our children there is always the verse of an animal: cow, sheep, hen .. But how many children have There’s always the sound on an animal amongst the first words of our child. But how many children have never seen farm animals for real? Don’t miss this opportunity!

All on horseback!


Children and horses: a wonderful duet! The sensitivity of these gentle giants and the excitement to climb on top of them, to caress them, ride them, brush them… you will be amazed by the symbiosis that will be created!

Rainbow MagicLand


Rome’s amusement park… you have no choice, you have to bring your children! 36 attractions all around “magic”: roller coasters, water rides, orbiting stations, restaurants and shows. Visit now!

Rome Under 12


Rome awaits you with many fun activities tailored to children: museums, parks, guided tours, performances… the perfect opportunity to make your children happy and relive your childhood for a day!

A children-friendly vacation

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